Until Further Notice

Further updates must be tabled until the packing of my accumulated crap and transportation of said crap to Nashville is complete.

This is bittersweet. Updating this blog has been my favorite method of procrastinating from the packing of the accumulated crap. I had many more exhibits which would have richly illustrated the how’s and the why’s of my getting kicked out of New England. I’m worried that once I arrive in Nashville, these items will no longer be newsworthy.

PK is surely down there right now, waiting for me with feverish anticipation. He even posted an instagram story of him doing squats. He’s obviously preparing to help me 2-man my dresser from the loading dock to my apartment on the 21st floor.

After he moves my dresser along with all my other boxes, odds and ends, he clearly has elaborate plans for making me feel welcome in my new city. I don’t want to impose on those. I don’t want to micro-manage him. I would, however, like to point out that I need a new couch. I don’t want PK to misinterpret this and run out and by me a new couch.

His tastes probably aren’t anywhere near as refined as mine.

All I need is a point in the right direction to a good furniture store or two. That and a bottle of Dom so I can unwind from the long trip while he’s busy lugging all my crap upstairs….


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