Another factor in getting me kicked out of New England was my friends.

I honestly think I’m a good friend. When it comes to people I’m surrounded by day-in and day-out of my life, I go out of my way to help them. In fact, I actively look for ways to make their lives easier or more fulfilling. Yet, for some reason, nobody ever appreciates my gestures. In fact, my largesse is often met with a degree of hostility.

Below is an example of me going above and beyond to protect and enhance the reputation of my former friend, Chris Mader. Not only has Mader not thanked me, he has broken off all communication!

The Northeast has long been sullied by a reputation for gruff big-city attitudes. I’m starting to realize Mader and his ilk are personifications of this (confirmed!) stereotype. I find solace in the certainty that my attitude and actions will be more properly embraced by Nashville’s southern hospitality.

Case 288417 br Incorrect Positional Assignment


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